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What! Horror film “IT” is the children's education drama

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“IT” as North America's hottest film, it turned out to be entertaining children's film

Some people say that “IT” to redefine the horror film. But not because it will be the ultimate elements of terror, but because it has done with a horror film together adventure, reasoning, comedy, erotic and other types of business elements. More importantly, in such a hybrid type, the film also expressed the positive energy of the children's fun.

“IT” mainly publicize awakening childhood shadows of the adult audience. What we afraid when we were young? Obviously, this childhood shadow is not a child who grows up in a variety of voices, but belong to Stephen King's age.

It is a network of digital technology was not fully developed era. The children will face the black hole of the sink and abandoned houses to produce horrific fantasy.In 1986, Stephen wrote these into his horror novel “IT”. Story background set in his home which located on the northeast corner of the US state of Maine town. There are frequent cases of child disappearance, such as little boy Bill lost his brother George. Later Bill and a group of equally bullied children Ben, Beverly, Eddie, Mike, Richie and Stanley formed “loser club”. In order to fight against their Henry gangs, also gradually reveal the truth of the town's children missing.

Horror film is the most horrible thing is the protagonist motivation is unknown. The new version “IT” give enough reason of “Ming knows the mountains have tigers, biased towards the tiger line”. The first time these children are united to fight against the campus bullying, then happened by chance of the clown boggle. Bill on the surface called the children together to overcome the fear of a clown, actually in order to find the real reason for his brother George's disappearance.

Pls don’t think that the child's reasoning is not logical, in fact these groups of children quite “Home Alone” wit. They not only read the historical data to find the evidence of the clown appeared every 27 years, but also explored the drainage system piping map. These series of adult behavior are  in contrast to the actual age of the child, thereby creating a sense of humor.

This is due to the new version of the narrative form of change. The old version of the memories and interludes part of all deleted, directly into a pure childhood adventure story. With the reality of adults have nothing to do. As a result, adults into the sense of weakening at the same time, the terrorist atmosphere is weakening, but increased the joy of comedy elements.

The film in such a clear adventure story structure, and clever use of characters into the comedy elements. And because of the triangular love between children, when we see this love field the expression and behavior is more unusual funny.

Let this little fat man distracted is the only girl Beverly who also in "loser Club". The same as the "Sicilian beautiful legend" in some juvenile sexual enlightenment piece bridge section, Beverly became a high-grade "beautiful legend". Bill and friends, looking at the beautiful girl and listen to the rumors of the sluts. Old version of Beverly father also directly into a sexual indecent behavior of the old man, such a woman will inevitably make people fantasize.

So she joined in the club , then naturally inspired the male hormone, induced a group of adolescent boys Fantasy.

Said it was a child education film is not an exaggeration, it tells the children whether they are facing psychological fear or physical abuse, united together is the power of resistance.

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