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Is there your child in there?

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Do you remember your childhood toy? Is a box of blocks, a toy car, a small doll or a small treasure?

No matter what your childhood toys, it represents the childhood memories. At that time we did not have a cell phone, no computer, no high-tech toys, even ordinary toys are very limited.

The Italian Ella Gallin Bertie is a very personal photographer. He is very curious about children like to play all over the world  and every country's toys are the same?

With this question, he spent 18 months traveling around the world, to visit children from all over the world. From Iceland to South Africa, to Thailand, he has through 58 countries. Children around the world and their most precious toys are left with precious shadows under his lens.

Ella found, although the children around the world for their national culture, folk customs are not the same, they generally prefer plush toys, Barbie dolls and toy cars. Family conditions are good enough child toys will surely have one of these three toys. In addition, the children of the world are like playing,even in Africa, particularly poor inland countries, playing is their nature.

Ella think toy is nothing but a carrier, he is more concerned about the toys behind the world countries and the culture of various nationalities.

He also found a phenomenon, the parents of the preferences usually determine what the children play. A taxi driver from Latvia bought a toy car for his children, but an Italian farmer to his daughter bought a plastic shovel, the daughter also as a treasure.

This is actually unfair to the children, the children play the toys are determined by their parents, which not only limits the children's fun on toys, but also the possibility of children's future lower and lower.

Every time he travel to a place, it is necessary to communicate with the local children, take a child's favorite toy. Later, he found that children in developed countries have a stronger possessive for toys. He needs to spend more time to communicate with the little master in order to get their consent.

1. Stella: from Italy, there are many dolls and pleated skirts, her favorite toy is a pig

pink pig

2. Cun Zi Yi: From Chongqing, China, she recently celebrated her third birthday and received many gifts from her parents. She said that after 

she grew up she would become an artist.

3. Tangawizi: from Kenya, every night he is holding this plush monkey sleep together.


4. Radhika: Born in Mumbai, India, now lives in New York. Her favorite game is Monopoly, because can buy hotels and luxury residences.

5. Alessia: from Italy, she likes to stay in her father to open the farm inside the play.

Maudy: from Zambia. One day she found an abandoned box on the road filled with sunglasses. These glasses became her favorite toy.

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